Cybus Industries Cybermen or Mondasian Cybermen? Which is your favourite?

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    Cybus FOR SURE I’m not a fan of the new ones at aaallll. They’re like god-mode Cybermen lol
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  3. danman007 answered: Mondasian Cybermen
  4. paradigmshift101 answered: Mondasians for me. They freak me out now.
  5. astarrypineapple answered: I like the Cybus’s face plates better, but man, the Mondas ones scared the pants off of me. Which is awesome.
  6. captainbatmoon answered: The new ones look too much like Iron man imo
  7. ispksarcasm94 answered: Cybus Industries! Mondasian look too much like an Iron Man rip off!
  8. bloodytrouble answered: the mondasian cybermen feel more organic, i prefer the cybus industries because its tougher and harder looking
  9. gaytruckerblog answered: bodies of the mondasian ones and the heads of the cybus ones
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  12. reichenbastard answered: Mondasian
  13. sillysophieisme answered: Mondasian Cybermen
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