I am far more than just another Time Lord.

FUCK YOU! You absolute cunt! Why would you post something with such a massive fucking spoiler without the fucking decency to warn people!?!? I hope you fucking have a horrible death you utter fuckwit. Hope your entire family and friends watch you suffer you piece of shit..

For anybody that’s confused as to what this message and answer is about, you can find the post this is relating to here.

There were a number of ways I thought about answering this ask when I woke up and read it at 4am last night. The first that came to mind was to answer privately, explaining the post to you. The second was to respond with a humourous gif. I was thinking something along the lines of this:

But then when I read it over again, I suddenly realised… this is the kind of thing Moffat had to deal with. This isn’t just another ‘fuck you for giving me feels’ message. This is a message which is actually wishing death upon me. And that is not okay. So I decided to forego simply using a humorous gif which may simply make light of the situation. 

That brought me to the third choice, the one I’m choosing right now, which is to name and shame. People are constantly saying that people like you should be allowed to stay anonymous. Well I say fuck that. You wish death upon another person then you don’t deserve anonymity. 

First, before we get onto the serious stuff, let me say this loud and clear. That is not a spoiler. It is not from the episode. I do not work for the BBC. I have no knowledge of what that letter actually says. I wrote that content myself.

Now on to the serious stuff. 

You are a disgusting human being. Going on your tumblr I see things such as: 

"I’m so glad I managed to help someone out"

"Some people are so incredibly, annoyingly rude it’s unbelievable!"

"What happened to manners, eh?"

"I’m the guy who’ll help you carry your shopping, stop to help people with prams up the stairs at Underground stations, give up my seat for anyone who looks like they need it more, I know I’m blowing my trumpet a bit, tooting my own horn but I don’t like helping people because I want their gratitude. I’m helpful and generous with my time because that’s how I was brought up, because I saw my mum and dad do that, because I still think there’s room in the world for chivalry, because it feels good to brighten up someone’s day!" 

And yet here you are wishing a horrible death on someone. Tell me where the chivalry is in that? 

And the worst thing is, it’s really over something pathetic. I know people who wish death on others because of their homophobia or transphobia, or because they’re a murderer. Those wishes, whilst I wish they didn’t have them, are based on something with substance. You’re wishing death on someone over something you think is a spoiler, but you don’t actually know that it is of course, about a television show. You are asking for someone to have a horrible death because you think that one plot point on a television show has been spoiled for you. 

You are disgusting.

I’ve often seen people use the phrase, you know my name, not my story. And I’ve never thought I would use it, but I think here and now in order to educate you on how not to be a cunt, I’m going to use it. You know my name, not my story. 

You have no idea who I am. You have no idea about me. Two minutes on my blog or sending me a message asking if it was legitimate would have cleared up whether or not it was real or not. But instead you went straight for the ask box and wished a horrible death upon me. And worse than that, you want my family and friends to suffer in watching me suffer. People you don’t even know exist. People you’ll likely never see. And people who have never and will never do wrong to you.

But the reason I bring up the whole name/story thing is for the reason that you have no idea who I am. Tell me… do I have suicidal thoughts? Have I ever had suicidal thoughts? Have I tried to commit suicide before? Have I cut myself? Slit my wrists? The answer to most of those is no. Most. Not all. Most. But did you know that? No. You didn’t. You just charged straight in and told someone who could have been on the verge of killing themselves, that you wanted them to suffer and die. 

I’m glad it was me, in a way. Because I’m not going to kill myself because of a low life cunt like you. I can’t imagine what it would be like for someone who was on the verge of killing themselves. You could have driven someone to kill themself last night. I hope you’re proud. 




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