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I hope you haven’t already heard this but…


I went to a convention today and attended Jenna Coleman’s panel and I thought you’d like this funny anecdote about Peter she told us.

The Doctor Who crew were filming late at night at an abandoned railway station (probably talking about Flatline) and they only had 15 minutes left to shoot and they couldn’t find Peter (he has a habit of wandering off from the set).

Peter finally showed up on set, but he was soaking wet! The make up department was furious!

The reason for that is that he was wandering around the station and saw a red button and pressed it.

It turned out to be button for a shower!

That seems so much like something the eleventh Doctor would do XD


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Favorite lines of The Doctor [3/4]
Doctor Who 8.08 “Mummy on the Orient Express”

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The Key to Tom

The last one

oh god help I’m laughing so hard I think I sprained something

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Enjoying Doctor Who gets so much easier if you just accept the fact that it’s a 50 year old show that constantly changes and evolves and that different writers will always have different interpretations of the Doctor, and different ideas on the how the storyline should progress 

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Ryan: We need to know when those guys are getting out of the way

Gavin:  We can’t see over the wall, we need timing and calls… (x)

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I love shopping!

why are people reblogging the short vine version when this exists